Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mondo Macabro is back!

Check out the news for their upcoming release!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More 70's Spanish Horror on the way!

The Mark of Naschy website has just posted cover art for 2 more upcoming Spanish horror DVD's from BCI, due out this August! I can't wait!

Paul Naschy's EXORCISM


Sunday, May 27, 2007


Incredible news from MGM! Go here for all the info!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SPLATTER FARM (1987) coming to DVD!

Check out all the info here! (that cover art sucks!)

Friday, May 18, 2007


After reading about how horrible this movie was for years, I finally sat my ass down and watched it last night. First off, the quality on this Shriek Show release is EXCELLENT! The picture quality looks awesome, and the DVD comes with a 2nd disc with lots of bonus stuff including a documentary on Lucio Fulci (which I haven't watched yet). But anyway, about the actual film....well, it's definitely one of Fulci's worst films and there were TONS of really boring parts and non-stop talking and jibber-jabber from dull as fuck cops. The dancing scenes were actually pretty hilarious in a cheesy 80's kinda way and thankfully weren't as long as I thought they would be. The opening kill scene is the best and actually pretty nasty. There's no real gore, but the way it's done is really grim and cruel. There's TONS of welcome nudity in this fillm, lots of it from the actress who was in Fulci's ZOMBIE (the woman who gets poked in the eye with the splinter of wood!). That's about all I can really recommend about this film. The soundtrack is cheesy 80's synth-pop done by Keith Emerson and it's really funny shit!

Not the worst movie ever, but not something I'll be watching again anytime soon. Still, if you're a desperate trash film collector (like me) it's worth owning, especially if you can get it for a decent price.

more Christina Lindberg exploitation on DVD!

Fans of THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE take note! Synapse will be distributing this DVD soon! Looks like a must have for sleaze/trash film fans!

  • A young girl named Anita (Lindberg) suffers from psychological problems and sexual promiscuity due to her troubled childhood and uncaring parents. She meets Erik (Skarsgård) , a student at a local university, who tries to help her through her troubles by analyzing her past relationships. After revealing her most intimate and violent encounters to Erik, he determines that, in order for her to overcome her nymphomania, she first must experience a “true” orgasm! ANITA is a classic of controversial Swedish exploitation starring cult film starlet Christina Lindberg (THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE) and a very young Stellan Skarsgård (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END) in one of his first ever film roles!

Old school Asian shockers!

Check out the cool info on these 2 Asian horror films coming to DVD soon from Synapse!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

FRIGHTMARE "Midnight Murder Mania" repress!

FRIGHTMARE's debut CD, "Midnight Murder Mania", will be back in stock in June! This cult underground classic from 2003 has been out of print for the past few years and has been one of our most requested titles ever. The CD will be available from Razorback Records in the next 2 weeks!

A deserted summer camp. A bloodcurdling scream. A decapitated head. So ends another life. So begins...FRIGHTMARE! Their debut "Midnight Murder Mania" CD is 10 songs of gore-soaked "stalk & slash grind" from the forest infested wastelands of Oregon! Get ready for the most cranium crushing sledge hammer whacks and rapid nailgun blasts, while insanely catchy riffs cut deep like a rusty machete through your neck. A veritable orgy of blood-slashing horror! What this album does to your ears is almost as terrifying as what it does to your brain!


I want to thank Maniac Neil and his girlfriend Wendy for hooking me up with this ultra-KILLER poster of SAVAGE STREETS (one of my all-time favorite 80's films!). I've never seen this art before, it's a great collage of scenes from the film. I still can't believe they used to make posters like this back then! It makes me even more depressed about the modern film posters of today, blech!!

SAVAGE STREETS needs a special DVD release, badly!


I watched this last night and it had to be the most plotless film ever. It's really about...NOTHING! Just a time capsule of high school kids in the late 70's doing what they did back then, such as: having sex, smoking pot, having sex, stealing fire trucks and spraying the opposing High School football/cheerleader team with a giant hose, getting into fights, having more sex, chugging beers, driving around (and screwing) in the back of huge vans, listening to FM 70's rock music, cruising, banging cheerleaders, etc.

So basically...lots of cheesy, mindless fun! If you dig 70's drive-in flicks, this is a must see.

I really have a feeling that movie Dazed And Confused ripped this off!

This is on a double DVD release from BCI that also includes THE VAN (which I haven't watched yet but will soon).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


GRUESOME STUFF RELISH will release their long-awaited 2nd album on Razorback Records later this year! It's been 5 years since the release of their debut album in 2002 and we've tried doing a 2nd album with them for a long time so we're really excited about this! The band will record this summer and we'll release the album in the Fall/Winter.

The new album will be titled "Horror Rises from the Tomb" and the cover art will be drawn by Jeff Zornow (Cryptic Magazine, Day of the Dead comics, etc.)! Fans of Italian and Spanish horror cinema and early 90's influenced death/grind/gore excellence, be prepared!

The band recently recorded a 10 song promo demo to test out what the new songs will sound like. 2 of those tracks can be found on their official myspace page, and we have just uploaded another exclusive track on the official Razorback myspace page. Check it out!


GRUESOME STUFF RELISH is an underground death/grind band from Spain who are the ultimate fusion of early 90's old-school Swedish death metal(Carnage, Dismember) and the splatter/gore sound and feel of Impetigo and Necrony. The band's concept revolves around their extreme love for the classic Italian horror films from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Giallo killers, cannibals, zombies, and other lurid tales of terror!
The band was formed from members of early 90's death metal band Repugnance and recorded their first demo in 2001 (which later became a split CD with Holland's Brutality Reigns Supreme). On the strength of this release, the band then released their debut album on Razorback Records in 2002 titled "Teenage Giallo Grind".

In 2003 and 2004, the band released some various split CD's and also the "Last Men In Gore" CD(Motosierra Records) that collected the tracks from the demo/BRS split CD, the never released "Last Men Alive" EP, and 5 unreleased tracks recorded in early 2003.

After this the band broke up but has now returned from the dead to record their long-awaited 2nd full-length album! Get ready for more tales of the undead, gut-munching, intestine-tearing, apocalyptic post-nuke horrors, rancid maggots, knife-slicing lunatics, and worship and love for everything that was great about the early 90's death/grind metal underground!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

GOREBOAR treats!

Once again, sorry for my lack of activity here, folks! It's been a busy few weeks with the release of both the IMPETIGO "Horror of the Zombies" CD and the BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD! I wanna thank everybody that's supported these 2 new releases and hope that everybody enjoys them. With distribution always hard to get, ordering direct from our web site always helps out the most. Thanks again!

I'm going to be starting a new job soon and will really be cutting back on myspace related stuff, so if anybody wants to get in touch PLEASE always email me as its the best and fastest way to get a reply. Myspace email is simply the WORST system ever. It hardly ever works and is really fucking slow and shitty. If you don't hear from me on myspace email it's not because I'm ignoring you, it's because I really can't stand it and prefer "oldschool email" (I can't believe I just said that, haha! Since when did email become oldschool?)

Anyway...there's a lot of really exciting things up ahead for Razorback. FONDLECORPSE looks to finally start the recording for the long-awaited "Creaturegore" album this summer! The "Blood And Popcorn" mini-CD is almost ready to go! Also, the F.K.U. "Metal Moshing Mad" album will be going to press soon. Adam Geyer is almost finished with the new cover art and he promises its his BEST work yet! As soon as it's done I will post it here first! F.K.U. will be playing some live shows on the West Coast this summer, including the Goregon Massacre fest. We hope to have their CD out before so they can have copies to sell at the shows.

A few months ago, Neil from BLOOD FREAK and FRIGHTMARE made an update that he was stopping his bands. Please keep in mind this guy has done 9 albums in a span of 5 years! (MANIAC KILLER, LORD GORE, and WHORE included). He did 3 albums for Razorback recently in 2 years (the recent FRIGHTMARE album and 2 new BLOOD FREAK albums). I don't think anybody has ever recorded that many high quality albums in such a short time, so feeling a bit burnt out and tired was understandable. After recently relocating to Los Angeles, he's once again back to doing what he truly loves the most...writing and recording music! Neil is currently looking for musicians to start doing BLOOD FREAK on a more full-time basis and to start playing some shows on the West Coast. Get in touch with him if you're interested! But please, NO drug addicts or alcoholics! Only dedicated and enthusiastic people please. Thanks!

CONVULSIONS is NOT dead. Stevo has been busy looking for a new job recently but assured me this band will happen no matter what!

My last tidbit of news is that we'll be announcing a new album soon from a band that's been out of action for a long time...but is now back to chomp on human flesh once again! We'll have an update soon....muuuuhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

the massacre has only just begun...!

BLOOD FREAK has already begun writing new riffs for a 4th album to be titled "Scared Stiff". There will also be new members joining the band. More info in the months ahead! muuuhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!!