Thursday, October 22, 2009

REVOLTING interview!

Here's a brand new interview with Rogga from REVOLTING! The band will be releasing their 2nd CD later this year on Razorback, titled "The Terror Threshold"! Hear what Rogga has to say about the band and the upcoming material...

1. hey Rogga, tell us about the upcoming 2nd CD from REVOLTING, "The Terror Threshold". What's different about this album from the debut CD?
Rogga: The sound is different as its from another mix session but besides that its pretty much more of the same rotten yet catchy death metal as on the debut. There's some more melody on this new stuff though, which fits very well into the Revolting sound.

2. Tell us about the unreleased MCD, "Bonesaw Leftovers". When was this material recorded and what do you like about the songs?
Rogga: These songs were recorded between the debut and the coming album, and is in the same style of corpse. Some of my fave Revolting songs are among these tracks actually, so I hope this minicd will be released in a not too distant future.

3. What would you say the differences between REVOLTING are with your other band RIBSPREADER? Obviously the art/concept is different, but musically would you say they're kinda similar or is there something that helps set them apart?
Rogga: Ribspreader is also the spawn of Andreas so we compliment each other when doing songs in that band. Revolting is just me writing the stuff, so it comes out a bit different. In Revolting there's more ugly riffing going on and blast beats as well which was something we never used in Ribspreader. However I can understand people who don't pick up on the difference between the bands haha.

4. REVOLTING has a killer, very eye-catching band logo done by Jeff Zornow. Are you happy with the way that came out? He's now provided the art for the 2nd CD as well. Are you happy with it?
Rogga: The logo is just killer, its totally old school and gory in that cool way. The artwork for the coming album is beyond cool too, there's so much detail to it and the overall concept is so cool. The man is a genius but I think most people know that already.

5. You've done a lot of REVOLTING material in a short amount of time. What inspires you to write material? Does it come natural to you at this point?
Rogga: Actually all the material for Revolting, the debut as well as the minicd and the upcoming album, was recorded within just a month or so. I had some inspiration and it turned out really cool if I might say it myself. Music like Revolting is the stuff that sure does come to me naturally, it's what I was born to write and play I guess. I couldn't write a pop song or a technical death metal song even if I spent weeks trying. I'm retarded that way. I'm retarded in many ways actually.

6. Do you have any unreleased REVOLTING songs besides the MCD? I know you were working on some new songs like "The Hatched" and "Diabolical Metamorphosis"?
Rogga: I sure have some pieces here and there, might even have a few finished songs too haha. Haven't felt the need to finish something big yet though as there's already so much material done. But when time comes I guess it´ll be a double album that needs to be released...

7. There's a photo on the REVOLTING myspace page with Martin from ASPHYX wearing a REVOLTING t-shirt! Who made these and where can a fan get them?
Rogga: Bob from Asphyx made them for the guys in the band actually, and he sent me one too. I was really blown away when he told me all the guys in the band were Revolting fans, stuff like that is crazy to hear for someone who has been one of their fans for so many years. Its very cool indeed, and very cool of Mr Van Drunen to sport it onstage as well.

8. What would you like to do for a possible 3rd REVOLTING album?
Rogga: As mentioned above, I'd really like to make a double album, a conceptual one with some really twisted horror theme. I think it should also be building up gradually with slower more ominous tracks in the first part and then steadily go towards the more usual Revolting sound and then finish with the faster more melodic songs. That would be a cool journey for the listener. Some cool guest vocals should be added too, especially if the concept of the album is built around a bunch of central characters.

9. Are there any bands out there you'd like to do some possible split EP's with?
Rogga: There are many of them haha, I'd especially like to do a split with Cianide someday. That band is awesome, however as they're legends and I'm not. I doubt there would be any interest in that haha.

10. Thanks for the interview Rogga! Any last words about REVOLTING?
Rogga: Of corpse, be aware of the Revolter!