Thursday, May 27, 2010

SCAREMAKER "What Evil Have They Summoned..." CD out NOW!

SCAREMAKER "What Evil Have They Summoned..." CD out NOW on Razorback Recordings!

What you are about to hear are cursed souls, trapped in 13 tracks of terror. The story starts with SCAREMAKER smashing its way through the gates of Hell and interrupting a party of weak souls who have unknowingly summoned it through seance. A nightmare of unspeakable events take place: Malicious deformed children who kill, undead immortals who suck blood from the living, backwoods maniacs fulfilling their mother's hunger for gore, agonizing witch burnings, traumatic transmutations, old books dripping with fetid ink, horrendous skinning's, malevolent vampires and offerings of forgotten horrors! The story ends, but is it really over? Or has the party just begun?!

Get ready for an album loaded with demonic and violent riffs, murderous lyrical summoning's and ghastly vocals that leave you unhinged. If you love being scared, it'll be the DEATH METAL album of your life!

Features an incredible full-color painting by Adam Geyer, and a special song with lyrics co-written by Stevo of Impetigo! *First 200 copies come with a special limited edition official Scaremaker TOE TAG!

Price: $10 US/$12 World

Also available:

You get the debut "What Evil Have They Summoned..." CD, the demon logo T-SHIRT, a sticker, and the Scaremaker toe tag! **Please write down what size T-Shirt you want in the note box when placing your order! Sizes available: Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL
Price: $20 US/$28 World

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all CD's are $10 US/$12 World each

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