Thursday, February 15, 2007


Sick of generic poser thrash? Then WELCOME TO PRIME TIME, BITCH!

F.K.U. (Freddy Krueger's Underwear), Sweden's Horror Thrash Metal Maniacs, will re-release their 1999 debut album, "Metal Moshing Mad" later this year on Razorback Records!

A true underground cult classic in every sense of the word, this album pre-dates many of the current "retro" thrash bands and also helped to influence a few of the bands Razorback Records has worked with in the past as well.

Featuring a huge and crushing production job, catchy neck-breaking riffs, tons of sing-a-long lyrics, and a great love for all of the classic horror icons (Freddy, Leatherface, Jason, Frank Zito, Pinhead, Michael Myers)..."Metal Moshing Mad" is an album that is worth playing over and over again until your brain explodes from the ultra-thrashing high it gives you! WHAT A RUSH!

The re-release will feature new and incredible hand drawn and painted artwork by underground horror master, Adam Geyer ( and will also feature the band's 20 song demo from 1998, "Beware of the Evil Underwear", re-mastered for pure head-banging fury!

This album kicks so much ass that if you don't wake up won't wake up at all!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"We spit on those who choose to pose...

...we thrash with all the rest!" -RAZOR

I love surprises, don't you?

Monday, February 12, 2007


Been awhile since I've done one of these! Here's what the old Goreboar has been listening to lately...

  • ZNOWHITE - Act of God (re-issue version. this fucking rules!!)
  • CATHEDRAL - Caravan Beyond Redemption
  • CATHEDRAL - The VIIth Coming
  • FONDLECORPSE - advance tracks for upcoming split CD with FRIGHTMARE
  • YOUR KID'S ON FIRE - Chainsaw Devil
  • AUTHORIZE - The Source of Dominion
  • LIZZY BORDEN - Visual Lies

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Putrid's art for FONDLECORPSE/FRIGHTMARE split!

Take a look at THIS!!! It will be for the inside booklet of this insane split album due out in 2007! Thanks to Putrid for going all out for this one, you rule man!

click for larger view!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yeah, I know this movie isn't as good as the first 2...but, I still say it's one of the best early 90's horror films for sure. (I guess that's not saying much, haha) I'm really looking forward to this release from Anchor Bay. Check out the DVD art that Fangoria just posted on their web site!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Video Violence and Video Violence 2 - gleeful, gore-soaked cult classics from the early days of direct-to-video moviemaking - are presented here for the first time ever on Collector's Edition DVD in all their UNCUT, flesh-ripping glory. Watch as torture, decapitation, dismemberment, and blood-spurting mayhem unfold before your disbelieving eyes. It'll have you seeing red…lots of it.

Video Violence (1987) finds a normal, unsuspecting couple - Steve and Rachel - completely immersed in a town of blood-drunk crazies. Led by sickos Howard and Eli, these backwater psychopaths produce and watch their own snuff movies in which the victims are outsiders or citizens trying to leave the close-knit community of killers. One day an unmarked tape shows up in the return bin of Steve's just-opened video store, and it's the town postmaster being savagely mutilated. "Can it be real, or just a gag?" wonders Steve. He'll soon discover the horrifying answer… In Video Violence 2 (1988), Howard and Eli have graduated from gruesome basement antics to pirating a cable TV channel for the purpose of furthering their brand of homegrown depravity, madness and murder. With the help of 'do-it-yourself' violence videos sent in by adoring fans and a beautiful guest actress unaware of the pain in store for her, the sadistic hosts guarantee the "Bloodiest Show on Earth!"
Loaded Dual Layer DVD includes:- VIDEO VIOLENCE Feature Film (1987) - VIDEO VIOLENCE 2 Feature Film (1988) - INTERVIEW with Director Gary P. Cohen (includes never-before-seen footage)- Commentary with Director and Cast Members - CAMP MOTION PICTURES TRAILER VAULT
Date of Release: April 10, 2007

cool Italian horror DVD news!

Here's what I like waking up in the morning to hear!

from DVD Drive-In

On April 24, Dark Sky Films will release three long-awaited Italian cult movies to DVD. Included in this batch of violent crime thrillers and gothic giallos are RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE (released in the U.S. as CAULDRON OF DEATH) starring Chris Mitchum, Barbara Bouchet and Arthur Kennedy; NAKED YOU DIE (released in the U.S. as THE YOUNG, THE EVIL AND THE SAVAGE) starring Michael Rennie and Mark Damon, scripted by Mario Bava and directed by Antonio Margheriti; and TRAGIC CEREMONY, starring Camille Keaton (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE) and Luciana Paluzzi, and directed by Riccardo Freda. All three titles will be presented uncut with anamorphic widescreen transfers and contain extras. Retail price for each is $14.98.