Thursday, April 19, 2007

More gore? Why, yes please!

We'll be giving away some free and fun stuff with the new BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD, due out in less than 2 weeks! When you order the new BLOOD FREAK direct from our web site, you'll get the following:

6" x 9" art print (front and back)

sticker (exclusive art by Putrid!)

Always remember, the Goreboar loves you!

Monday, April 16, 2007

FONDLECORPSE "Blood And Popcorn" news!

"After being tormented by unlimited delays Fondlecorpse decided it was time to show their uglyfaces for real and start their monster invasion and crush their enemies, it has been decided that all the songs they have recently recorded shall be unleashed upon a mini cd called "Blood and Popcorn!" it will contain 5 new tracks of creature killer madness, mutants, deranged killers, basketcases, haywire robots. They will all be present at this party, this also will feature the first appearance of the bands new drummer so people can enjoy the total annihilation of the fully functioning deathstar......... i mean band, fully functional band! The release will feature the amazing art from: Adam geyer, Jeff zornow, Putrid and MalPractise U.J., making this one hell of a monster release of sleaze. Beware! the monstersquad has arrived and we aren't taking any prisoners. This is the scouting party, before we unleash the total invasion withcreaturegore.Hide your women, booze and popcorn and protect your remote control with your life, we are coming to get it all! NO MERCY! humanity shall end when the creatures take over the world! pray.......... you get out......... alive! The Split with Frightmare has been postponed to a later date but should come out at the end of the year. So quit your whining." -The Couchpotato Gore Army

Don't forget to hear a new song on the band's myspace page, called "What's In the Basket?"

Official FONDLECORPSE web site

Friday, April 13, 2007

Brand new mp3's from BLOOD FREAK!

It's Friday the 13th, and Razorback wants you to celebrate it with the sounds of total thrashing HORROR METAL from the deranged beast known as BLOOD FREAK!

Take your tour of hell with your first stop at the Razorback Records myspace page to hear the new song "Cleavage Cleaver" and get ready to bash holes in the wall with your head! This song features lyrics written by Sly of Fondlecorpse!

Once you are done putting your head back on straight, cruise on over to the BLOOD FREAK fan page on myspace for even more deadly carnage! The new song "Don't Metal With Satan" will be waiting for you with open arms...and a pitchfork through your guts!

BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD will be out late April on Razorback Records! The horror has only just begun!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Wow it's been a long time since I've posted here. Sorry for the lack of stuff here lately, I appreciate anybody still checking this page out! I'm definitely not done with it, I've just been doing more with my personal myspace page more I guess lately (mostly posting stupid cat pictures on Jill's page, but hey, whoever said I was normal? ha!). Check my page out here. It's been fun I guess, but myspace is a love/hate kinda thing for me. There's lots of cool freaks on there but also LOTS of posers and stuck up rude assholes...ugh! But whatever, it's a cool place to find real fans of horror and cool oldschool metal and other cool shit I'm into. So thanks to anybody that's cool there and checks out my page!

Well, in the next few days I'll have the copies of IMPETIGO "Horror of the Zombies" in stock! This was a total labor of love to put together! I really feel like the layout for this blows away the one for "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale", and it's all thanks to Sly from FONDLECORPSE! Thanks again for everything that you do, man. You are the king of layouts! The layout for "HOTZ" is a lot more creative than the "Ultimo" one was, and has even more detailed liner notes from Stevo...especially in the descriptions of each song which is just so much fun to read. Stevo knows how to keep you interested and really delivers the GORY goods when it comes to writing about the history of IMPETIGO and his other projects. I wanna thank him again for going all out for this release. Long time fans and people just discovering IMPETIGO are in a for a treat with this CD! Also, the remastered sound is incredible and the album is HEAVIER than ever before, all thanks to Patrick from CRYPTICUS. Thanks again for busting your ass on this, man! What can I say...this album is a total of the truly last classic albums from the early 90's death metal era in my opinion. A lot of time and money has been put into this re-issue and I'm just really proud of it. Hope everybody will check it out and support it...and of course, enjoy it! Remember, there would simply be NO Razorback Records without the existence and music of IMPETIGO...

Also...going to press in the next week or so is the new BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD. What can I say about this band? It's everything I always wanted in a death/grind/gore/thrash metal band...and more! When I first started Razorback, I wanted to work with bands who were obsessive about oldschool, forgotten, obscure horror/drive-in style movies from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. I grew up on this kinda stuff and was always fascinated with the poser art/imagery from roaming the old "Mom and Pop" video stores in the 80's with all of that great and lurid advertising the posters and VHS boxes had. When Neil from FRIGHTMARE/LORD GORE started BLOOD FREAK in 2003, I jumped at the chance to release the first CD because he was doing what I had always wanted to do with my own band back in the 90's, PISSED OFF ORGASM...but I wasn't able to pull it off because I had no musical ability at all. That was when I quit doing "music" and started Razorback. So to work with something like BLOOD FREAK is a dream come true for me and I'm really commited to this band. Some people probably don't "get" what this band is about...and that's fine, but for me it's just really something I enjoy working with and the music is really extreme, but yet totally oldschool and catchy and has REAL songs you can totally headbang to or whatever. This new album has it all....thrash parts, wicked death metal riffs, doomy parts, Terrorizer-style blast beats, crazed vocals with variety...etc. What else can you ask for these days? I think that if you dug the recent FRIGHTMARE album and the last BLOOD FREAK album, you'll most certainly like this one as it combines both into one INSANE sound. This is pure ear-candy for sure! I'm also really excited about all of the artwork that Putrid drew for this release. He really went all out and brought all the characters and stuff to life! This guy is a 100% true hardcore horror fantatic and it definitely shows in every piece of art he has drawn. Also, Sly from FONDLECORPSE put together another really killer layout for this and really gave it the extra kick it needed in certain areas. Thanks again, man!

F.K.U. "Metal Moshing Mad" re-issue is coming together also! Adam Geyer has drawn an incredible sketch and is currently painting it. All of the classic horror icons come to life! Prepare to be blown away. This guy really knows how to draw horror! The guys in the band have remastered the album and have given it an extra kick, along with totally remastering the demo tracks as well! There's so many thrash bands today, but there's just something about F.K.U. that make them stand out from the rest. I really hope more people will discover this great band with this release and I'm really proud to be putting it out on Razorback. I've wanted to do this re-issue for the past 2-3 years but was always so booked with other releases, so it's just really cool to finally have the chance and time to do it! Thanks again to Pat and Larry and the guys for all the support over the years and enthusiasm for horror! There's few thrash bands who give a shit about the horror genre, so it's really great and special that a band like F.K.U. exists!

So basically these 3 releases will be the ones I'll be working my ass off to promote this year. I've always wanted this label to be about quality over quantity, so this is where I am in 2007. Three total horror metal albums, each from different eras....all worshipping the horror genre, and all kicking ass with REAL fucking metal with actual songs you can REMEMBER and listen to over and over again. I don't know about you...but to me this is what metal was always supposed to be about!

In other that the new BLOOD FREAK is finished, Neil Smith will start working on the FRIGHTMARE songs for the long awaited split CD with FONDLECORPSE! Thought FRIGHTMARE was dead? Nope! It's only just begun! There's gonna be some killer songs for this split, and I believe there will be songs about I Spit On Your Grave and the great early 80's slasher, Happy Birthday To Me! I also believe there will be a song about Don't Answer The Phone, which recently got a killer uncut DVD release late last year! Speaking of FRIGHTMARE, I wanna thank Shane from the great HorrorYearBook web site for making this really cool fan page for the band. Check it out here!

FONDLECORPSE is writing new material for their album while waiting for the split CD to be released. I heard new rough mix demo tracks and it sounds totally insane. These guys are definitely putting an original spin and twist on the gore/death metal sound! More news when I have it! This band is really gonna surprise a lot of people when their full vision and sound finally get out there more!

CONVULSIONS..... will fucking RULE when it finally starts to come together. 'Nuff said! Stevo has tons of riffs and song plans for this and it will be a total TREAT for fans of obscure horror! It will take time hang in there and drool for this like I am! Stevo is 100% dedicated to this band and concept!

I'll be going to the Central Illinois Fest this Summer to see my all-time favorite underground metal band ever...IMPETIGO! I'm looking forward to meeting tons of you oldschool metal and horror freaks and take goofy photos with me making stupid faces and flashing the devil horns. haha! I'll be going to this show just to hang out, not to sell anything. Seeing IMPETIGO live is a big dream come true for me so I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to seeing CIANIDE, CARDIAC ARREST, and MORTICIAN! I'll be there with my old friend Steveggs from PILE OF EGGS / NUT SCREAMER / SCHNAUZER / MINCH, etc. I haven't seen him in over 10 years so this is going to be another cool reunion for me personally! I'm also looking to possibly record some new noise stuff with him if time allows. PILE OF EGGS needs to return, dammit! Why you ask? For no reason at all! :)

In the next few weeks the fucking BIBLE of horror/drive-in/exploitation films will be coming out...NIGHTMARE, USA! I've been drooling for this book ever since I heard it was coming out a year or 2 ago I believe. It looks to be over 500 pages, in a LARGE sized format. It's gonna blow everything away! I'll probably carry this book wherever I go, haha. I'm excited about it because it features really obscure stuff that other genre books seem to always ignore. Movies like DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE, BOARDING HOUSE, HEADLESS EYES, HITCH HIKE TO HELL, MESSIAH OF EVIL (this movie is creepy as fuck!), I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, AXE, FROZEN SCREAM, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE, MICROWAVE MASSACRE, and other classic "gems" from the glory days of sleazy cinema! Go to the FAB PRESS site to check out more info! If you claim to be a horror fan and have no interest in this book...well weren't really into horror to begin with, were you? ;)

Another amazing book that's coming out is Cinema Sewer: The Adults Only Guide to History's Sickest and Sexiest Movies! This fanzine is the BIBLE of old 70's porn/sleaze/exploitation/trash, so I'm especially excited to see this insane beast in a killer book format, put out by FAB PRESS of course! That company can do NO wrong in my opinion. Here's some info on the book: Book DescriptionThe best of the first twelve, long-out-of-print issues of the celebrated underground smash magazine Cinema Sewer. A mind-melting compilation of gonzo writing, illustration and comics about the most insane, sexy, awkward, cheesy, hilarious, upsetting and jaw-dropping movies in the history of film, Cinema Sewer joyously celebrates the sleaziest aspects of the moviegoing experience, while delving deep into bizarre cinematic history. Bougie's distinctive writing style has made him famous among a loyal following of cult film fans. Includes: •Graphic illustrations by Bougie and associates • Bizarre film trivia • 100 pages of never-before-seen interviews, rants, comics • Rare genre film ads • DIY 'zine aesthetic

Well...for someone who hasn't updated this blog page in a while, I sure rambled on didn't I? :) As always, if anybody has any questions about any of these releases and Razorback related stuff please email me! Thanks for reading all of this and keep your eyes and ears open for all our new stuff coming out! I'll be trying to put more effort into keeping this page updated...but don't hold me to that haha!