Sunday, May 13, 2007

GOREBOAR treats!

Once again, sorry for my lack of activity here, folks! It's been a busy few weeks with the release of both the IMPETIGO "Horror of the Zombies" CD and the BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD! I wanna thank everybody that's supported these 2 new releases and hope that everybody enjoys them. With distribution always hard to get, ordering direct from our web site always helps out the most. Thanks again!

I'm going to be starting a new job soon and will really be cutting back on myspace related stuff, so if anybody wants to get in touch PLEASE always email me as its the best and fastest way to get a reply. Myspace email is simply the WORST system ever. It hardly ever works and is really fucking slow and shitty. If you don't hear from me on myspace email it's not because I'm ignoring you, it's because I really can't stand it and prefer "oldschool email" (I can't believe I just said that, haha! Since when did email become oldschool?)

Anyway...there's a lot of really exciting things up ahead for Razorback. FONDLECORPSE looks to finally start the recording for the long-awaited "Creaturegore" album this summer! The "Blood And Popcorn" mini-CD is almost ready to go! Also, the F.K.U. "Metal Moshing Mad" album will be going to press soon. Adam Geyer is almost finished with the new cover art and he promises its his BEST work yet! As soon as it's done I will post it here first! F.K.U. will be playing some live shows on the West Coast this summer, including the Goregon Massacre fest. We hope to have their CD out before so they can have copies to sell at the shows.

A few months ago, Neil from BLOOD FREAK and FRIGHTMARE made an update that he was stopping his bands. Please keep in mind this guy has done 9 albums in a span of 5 years! (MANIAC KILLER, LORD GORE, and WHORE included). He did 3 albums for Razorback recently in 2 years (the recent FRIGHTMARE album and 2 new BLOOD FREAK albums). I don't think anybody has ever recorded that many high quality albums in such a short time, so feeling a bit burnt out and tired was understandable. After recently relocating to Los Angeles, he's once again back to doing what he truly loves the most...writing and recording music! Neil is currently looking for musicians to start doing BLOOD FREAK on a more full-time basis and to start playing some shows on the West Coast. Get in touch with him if you're interested! But please, NO drug addicts or alcoholics! Only dedicated and enthusiastic people please. Thanks!

CONVULSIONS is NOT dead. Stevo has been busy looking for a new job recently but assured me this band will happen no matter what!

My last tidbit of news is that we'll be announcing a new album soon from a band that's been out of action for a long time...but is now back to chomp on human flesh once again! We'll have an update soon....muuuuhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!