Friday, May 18, 2007


After reading about how horrible this movie was for years, I finally sat my ass down and watched it last night. First off, the quality on this Shriek Show release is EXCELLENT! The picture quality looks awesome, and the DVD comes with a 2nd disc with lots of bonus stuff including a documentary on Lucio Fulci (which I haven't watched yet). But anyway, about the actual film....well, it's definitely one of Fulci's worst films and there were TONS of really boring parts and non-stop talking and jibber-jabber from dull as fuck cops. The dancing scenes were actually pretty hilarious in a cheesy 80's kinda way and thankfully weren't as long as I thought they would be. The opening kill scene is the best and actually pretty nasty. There's no real gore, but the way it's done is really grim and cruel. There's TONS of welcome nudity in this fillm, lots of it from the actress who was in Fulci's ZOMBIE (the woman who gets poked in the eye with the splinter of wood!). That's about all I can really recommend about this film. The soundtrack is cheesy 80's synth-pop done by Keith Emerson and it's really funny shit!

Not the worst movie ever, but not something I'll be watching again anytime soon. Still, if you're a desperate trash film collector (like me) it's worth owning, especially if you can get it for a decent price.