Monday, September 29, 2008


HOODED MENACE "Fulfill the Curse" CD out now on Razorback Recordings!

Who are these unholy savages who hunt out their victims by sound alone? They are HOODED MENACE, arisen from their tombs to unleash Hell on Earth! The debut album is a 9 song masterpiece of deadly DEATH/DOOM METAL with tales of virgin sacrifice, slathering beasts baying at a full moon, and the relentless blood-search of the walking Blind Dead. Features Lasse Pyykko from the cult early 90's Finnish death metal band Phlegethon! This is one of the most heavy and amazing debut albums on Razorback ever...get it now before HOODED MENACE tears you to pieces as they ride across a DOOM filled landscape of terror!
Price: $10 US/$12 World

CRYPTICUS "They Called Me Mad" CD out now on Razorback Recordings!
The moonlight shines into the secret shafts & awakens The CRYPTICUS once more!
After 3 years sequestered in the unholy secrecy of the Filth Chamber,
Patrick Bruss has unearthed the dreaded sequel to his first album...
A supernatural symphony of sickness, madness & obsession whose title must serve as a warning to all mankind: "THEY CALLED ME MAD"!
12 new tales of terror designed to offend the religious & delight the insane!
Banned by the P.M.R.C. & protested by Colorado Mental Health officials,
only RAZORBACK RECORDINGS has been brave enough to temp the Horrors From Beyond
by unleashing this degenerate masterpiece upon an unsuspecting public!
You have been warned! Imagine Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft locked up in a haunted house while jamming early-DISMEMBER, DEMIGOD, ABHORRENCE(Fin), DEMILICH, GRAVE, etc.!
Get your copy of this morbid monstrosity now!
Price: $10 US/$12 World

also available on Razorback Recordings

LORD GORE "Resickened" CD
IMPETIGO "Horror of the Zombies" CD
CIANIDE "Death, Doom And Destruction" CD
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH "Horror Rises From The Tomb" CD
BIRDFLESH "Alive Autopsy/Trip to the Grave" CD
F.K.U. "Metal Moshing Mad" CD
COFFINS "Mortuary In Darkness" CD
IMPETIGO "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" CD
FONDLECORPSE "Blood And Popcorn" mini-CD
BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD
BLOOD FREAK "Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Flesh-Eating Corpse!" CD
BLOOD FREAK "Sleaze Merchants" CD
LORD GORE "The Autophagous Orgy" CD
FRIGHTMARE "Midnight Murder Mania" CD
WTN "Rotting In Pestilence" CD
ANIMA MORTE "Face the Sea of Darkness" CD (horror soundtrack music in the vein of Goblin and Italian horror/zombie movies! like the soundtrack to a Fulci/Argento film!)

all CD's are $10 US/$12 World each

Razorback Recordings
PO Box 321
Farmingville, NY 11738


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