Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FESTERED interview!

HOG-WILD HOWLS blog is back! blah blah...I'm not gonna ramble on about it. Let's just get to some cool updates and news! First off....here's a new interview I did with Ghoat from the band FESTERED, who have a full-length CD coming out soon on Razorback! If you like old-style Death Metal with catchy songs you can headbang to, then you'll totally love this stuff! This band will really surprise a lot of people.

Interview with Ghoat from FESTERED!

1. Hey tell us about how FESTERED came together.
It was basically Elektrokutioner (Drums) approaching me saying he wanted to do yet something else from the other 3492749 side projects we both have. The intention with this one however was to make it an actual band, and he flew Reaper (Guitar, bass) down from Massachusetts, and they wrote and recorded the album in about 3-4 days. E. and I talk pretty fucking often, and he knew I was right for this, so it just unearthed itself.

2. You've been playing in the band FATHER BEFOULED for some time now. What made you want to get another band going? What are the differences between the bands?
These two bands are night and day, haha. FB is solely and firmly rooted in sounding like a dreary, oppressive death metal band from New Jersey, circa 1992. Our pretty much only influence is Incantation, haha. With Festered we wanted to do something a little thrashier, and more retarded directed, like Autopsy. Both Elektrokutioner and I are known for being in extremely heavy death metal bands (Father Befouled and Decrepitaph), and we wanted to show the fans/listeners that there are many sides to DM, and not just being fucking brutal.

3. There seems to be a very subtle horror influence to FESTERED...is this to keep the fans guessing what the songs are about? I'm sure not many people will be able to tell what they are!
I hope it is more than just subtle! I am a horror fiend, and I have never had the chance to convey my love of the form in music. Death metal definitely has a horror-feel, but I wanted Festered to be a direct homage to certain horror films, but do it differently than the 8747234 other bands that have done the same thing. Whereas each song on ‘Flesh Perversion’ has a direct theme from a particular movie, I did very abstractly. Too many bands make it so obvious that they are singing about Friday the 13th or whatever, and I wanted it to be obscure and enigmatic, so only the real fiends can figure it out. Even with the samples I tried to be vague, even though a couple of them are obvious.

4. The FESTERED album has a very old, 80's kinda feel to it, but done the American way and not the European way. Was this deliberate or did it just turn out that way? Were you guys trying to make it sound different from what the other older-style bands are doing today?
Well, we certainly did not want it to sound new and polished, but I try to stay away from the “this is old school, everything else sucks” mentality. We just fucking recorded it, haha. We wanted it to sound like the bands that influenced it, the way they sounded then, because that it what we listen to. Why bother with sounding like bands these days, when it sounded so fucking good back then? Anyone that says Mental Funeral needs a 2010 production can eat a dead dick.

5. The album sounds like if DEATH's "Scream Bloody Gore" was recorded in 2009, but yet, doesn't sound like anything modern FROM this year. How did you guys pull this off?
Haha, like I said above, we just recorded it… the sound is more from a real lack of knowing what the fuck we are actually doing in the studio than anything, haha.

6. You've been a long time horror fan for many years. Tell us about what kinds of horror stuff you love to collect. Posters, movies, old videos, etc.
I go hardcore-into collecting and watching horror films about 15 years ago, in high school. I was terrified of the shit when I was a kid, and then when I was like 14 or so, it just all clicked with me. I have a collector personality anyway, so watching them immediately became buying them. Mainly I collected/collect VHS tapes and posters. I have over 400 VHS tapes and probably 30 mostly original one sheet posters. For awhile I collected anything related to movies that I came across; daybills, promo shit, figures, toys, etc… but then I realized it was all mostly just a bunch of junk, haha.

Also, I got to where I would go to old video stores and buy like 10-20 tapes at a time, and never have the time to sit down and watch them all. So now, in lieu of collecting so much, I try to watch them on a more regular basis. Tapes are also becoming harder and harder to come by, and I never actively seek them anymore, so I only buy shit when I accidentally come across them. And I just honestly ran out of room for posters, so I quit buying them a few years ago too. Again, I will only buy choice shit if it falls in my lap.

7. Why does the poster art for THE MUTILATOR rule so much???
HAH – that whole movie rules. It is just dumb, senseless 80s slash filth. One of the best taglines ever! The “Fall Break” (the original title) theme song is such fucking awful garbage!

8. What are some other plans you have for FESTERED once the album is out. Does the band plan to do any kinds of splits in the future or other bonus/EP type of material?
Tentatively we want to do a 7” sometime next year on my label, Archasm Releasing. Right now it would be sitting behind several other releases, so it would be awhile before it happens. Then maybe a 2nd full length this time next year.

9. Were you excited to have artwork that Drew Elliott did, who drew tons of great 80's thrash/death stuff? The album art is so perfect for this band!
That art just completely fell in our lap, and it RULES. I believe it was for another RR band who did not use it, so we got the sloppy seconds. IT rules though, because we absolutely could NOT decide on art for this release. We had several options; one being some badass shit Rafal from Poland drew, which we loved, but just could not make work as the cover, and I wanted to poach some Chas Balun shit from an old issue of Gore Shriek, which is obviously illegal, haha! Then Billy from Razorback ran the idea of using this by us, and we were all just like “YES! THAT’S IT!!!” I actually had the honor of coloring it, so I was stoked on that!

10. Tell us about your label Archasm Records and some of the stuff you've released and plan to up ahead. Any possible FESTERED releases?
Archasm was started by me mainly to release the Father Befouled/Decrepitaph split that no one would fucking touch! Funny too, cause the shit sold out in like 3 weeks. Their loss, haha!

I always wanted to do a label, because, in addition to making music, I like to support music, and being an extremely creative person, I am always having to be doing something. Whether it be writing music, doing design (I am a graphic designer by trade… barely. NEED JOBS), or working with other bands, I have to have something in front of me.

Right now, our second release is about to come out; a CD by the Belgian bestial black/death band, Vociferian. Then a 7” by Encoffination – yet another Ghoat/Elektrokutioner collaboration. Haha, I am starting to feel like a rapper doing guest spots, fuck! Encoff is very morbid and occult sounding death metal. We wrote the songs together in Texas while FB was on tour and we were staying with E. at his place. He and I work well together, that is why we do so many side-bands. AR is also a platform for me to release shit by bands/projects I am in. I would rather have complete control of something, from inception to release, rather than fool with trying to sell it to another label to put out.

11. Thanks for the interview and feel free to plug the upcoming album (like we weren't going to do that already, haha)!
I really think the heads will dig this one. IT is filthy deathrash that any old ‘banger can fucking slay to!!!

FESTERED official page