Monday, October 30, 2006

IMPETIGO / BLOOD split 7" (looking back)

I figured with the re-release of the "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" CD, it would be a nice time to talk about one of the very best split 7" ep releases of all-time in underground death metal history...the IMPETIGO / BLOOD split 7"!!

Originally released in 1991 by Iron Records, this incredible piece of vinyl is probably the most perfect death/grind/gore split release you could ever hope for! IMPETIGO's side has probably their most famous track ever, "Boneyard", the first time this song was ever heard by anybody. Those who are only used to the "Horror of the Zombies" version defintely must hear this version as it's just as intense, heavy, and wonderfully sick as the later version! Also, this song includes one of the best exclusive tracks ever, "Cannibal Apocalypse". This is one of IMPETIGO's most catchy and underated songs ever!

Don't think I've forgotten about BLOOD, no way.....their side is equally as great. The song "Down to the Swamp" is probably their best song ever, and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" kicks ass as well. They have a really dirty, down-tuned, thick sound with that early 90's feel that just can't be duplicated today.

This EP is long out of print and impossible to find today. The IMPETIGO tracks were re-released on the "Giallo/Antefatto" CD released by Half Life a few years ago and is still in print. The BLOOD tracks, however, have not been re-released as far as I know.

Sadly, today's split releases are a dime a dozen and nobody really seems to put much effort or sense of quality into them anymore. They're usually filled with bad quality leftover tracks and live crap or boring cover songs and then dumped on to the fans. Hopefully more bands will look to the past for inspiration to bring back quality split releases such as the legendary and classic IMPETIGO / BLOOD split 7" ep!

THE BEASTS (1980) Hong Kong violence!

I recently tracked down a copy of a film I've been wanting for years, ever since I read about it in Chas Balun's Gore Score book under the title "Flesh And The Bloody Terror. Reading more about the film from other sources, I discovered the movie was actually called THE BEASTS, and I finally scored the rare VCD release of it online.

To keep things short, THE BEASTS is Hong Kong's version of I Spit On Your Grave and Last House On The Left. It's violent, cruel, and totally savage stuff that I highly recommend to any fans of exploitation cinema! The VCD has good picture quality, is in widescreen, and has decent English subtitles.

The VCD is hard to find, but try checking Blue Laser as they might have some left in stock! Good luck and happy hunting.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

IMPETIGO at midnight, Monday EST


Review by Patrick from Repulsive Cinema!

Once again a group of people return to the infamous and cursed Blood Island, this time it is Dr. Bill Foster, Carlos Lopez and a woman named Sheila Willard. Carlos have come to the Island to find his mother and bring her back to the mainland and Sheila has come to the Island to find her father whom she haven’t seen since she was twelve. The good doctor Foster has come to research the local flora and fauna on the island. The trio hasn’t stayed long on the island before strange things begin to occur, as Sheila is wakened by strange sounds in the night and later attacked by a horrible green faced monster in the jungle. A young hunter is ripped to pieces by the monster and this is only the beginning of the nightmare that waits in the jungle of Blood Island. More of the people who venture into the jungle turn up dead, torn to pieces and the native villagers starts to talk about the “Evil One”. As a man of science, Doctor Foster refuses to believe in the old fashioned superstition and he decides to investigate the manner himself with the help of the local doctor Lorca and Carlos. But the more they search for an answer to the horrible secret, the more clearly it gets… Someone or something is out there in the jungle at night and tears the villagers into pieces. Soon Dr. Foster stumbles upon a horrible secret of human experiments and green blood, and he wants to find out what or who the terrifying ghoul is…

This second instalment in the blood island series is gorier, and is a bit faster paced than the first trip we had to the cursed island. The effects have been updated, and there is more nudity.
Once again there is something loose on Blood Island and John Ashley returns (As a different character though) to fight the “Evil One” yet again. And Ronald Remy of the Blood Drinkers plays the part of the vicious Dr. Lorca. The movie follows the same pattern as Brides of Blood, but as I’ve said, this one is gorier and faster paced. In other words it is a bit more action filled than the first one. My only complaint here is that the story that the movie focuses a lot on, is not that intriguing this time. There are moments when I feel that conspiracy theories and family relations stands in the way of the gory action I sought when I popped this disc in my player. But the sight of entrails, severed heads and other dismemberment, plus the occasional boobs gave me the fulfilment I was after. Perhaps not as exiting and thrill filled as I found Brides of Blood to be, but once again Eddie Romero and Gerard De Leon delivers the drive-in goods!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This double feature release just came out and here's a really cool review of it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

BRIDES OF BLOOD (1968) film review

Review by Patrick of Repulsive Cinema!

A boat comes to shore at a remote island somewhere in Asia. The passengers onboard are a respected scientist, Dr. Paul Henderson, his wife, Carla Henderson and his assistant Jim Farrell. They have come to research the local plant life and to help out the villagers with charitable work. As they are about to go ashore, the captain warns them about entering the island, telling them, no one ever visits Blood Island. But they refuse to turn back now. When the group comes on land on the island they are met by a group of people carrying a blood stained blanket towards the sea. One of the carriers slips and drops the blanket, and out of it fall a severed head and foot. The ghastly sight shocks the three newcomers, and when asking the chief of the village for the cause of death, he just changes the subject after telling them it was an accident. But it doesn’t take long before the chief tells them that they should have gone back, the island which was a paradise before, has changed. “We have gone back to primitive ways” he tells them, before leaving them with even more unanswered questions. But Jim and the Doctor manages to forget their questions and do what they came for. However even more strange things begin to occur; a premature sunset, the finding of a huge abnormal land crab in the jungle, and the villagers acting more and more queer. And even the jungle itself comes to life! As if that wasn’t enough, the group is met by a big brutish man, Goro, in the jungle. He wants to take them to the Islands wealthiest man, Esteban Powers, for dinner. When the group arrives at the estate of Powers, they soon start to discuss the weird things happening on the Island. Doctor Henderson mentions an atomic bomb test during the 40s and tells Powers that this is the reason for his coming to the island, and he believes that the strange phenomenon they have witnessed is a direct result of the tests. Powers claims that the island was in the safe zone and still is for both human and animal life. But when the trio leave Powers’ house they stumble upon a disturbing, ancient ritual. Now it seems as the weird occurrences on the island is turning into a horrible nightmare of human sacrifice and a fight for survival…

Brides of Blood is the first entry in the infamous Blood Island series, and this is perhaps the best of the three films featured in telling the tale of horror taking place on the Island. We get to meet John Ashley, who’ll be your guide to Blood Island in two more films, although as a different character, and we get introduced to Goro, who’ll be the evil henchman through the series, also as another character. The acting is as good as you can expect from a Pilipino horror film from the late 60s, but John Ashley does a more than decent job. The music in the film and the lighting helps the movie to become very atmospheric and sometimes even frightening. There is plentiful of cheesy gore effects, creepy branches, cool monster makeup and even some nudity for you to feast your eyes upon in the film. Gerardo de Leon and Eddie Romero made something magical with this first trip to the infamous island, and there is something special about Brides of Blood, not apparent in the next two films. I guess I made it pretty clear that this first trip to the island is highly recommended, so get moving and pick up this one, because it’s pure gold!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Don't fuck with EYEGOUGER!

Anybody remember EYEGOUGER? These guys kicked my ass back in the early 90's with the release of their classic (and IMPOSSIBLE to find) 7" ep, "Ass Rotor", that believe it or not, was on Nuclear Blast Records!

They played filthy, ugly, oldschool death metal and were from the same era as IMPETIGO and other classic maniacs from Illinois! I remember reading interviews with them in old fanzines and they were totally crazy and hilarious! They would never take any of the questions seriously and just ramble on about "smoking crack, taking PCP" and other crazy shit. I loved it!

Check out their myspace page
here to get a sample of the "Ass Rotor" 7"ep and more!

NIGHTBEAST (1982) movie review

Review by Patrick from Repulsive Cinema!

Hurling through outer space, a spacecraft is headed towards the earth. It crash-lands in the backwoods of a small American town in the middle of the night. The alien spacecraft then explodes, trapping its pilot on earth and lights up the entire forest. Some local redneck campers out in the woods wake up by the sound of the impact. They throw away their beer cans and grab their rifles to investigate. Back in town, not far away from the woods, the sheriff is being called upon to check out the mysterious occurrences going on. But the rednecks are already out in the dark to try to find out what has happened. They are suddenly attacked by a horrible alien in a silver jumpsuit armed with a deadly laser gun that disintegrates its victims. The rednecks are easy prey for the intergalactic menace, which immediately kills them and moves on to wreak havoc and reign terror upon the little community. And even before the authorities in town manages to get to the scene of the spacecraft, the alien fiend has already managed to kill several other people by either ripping them to shreds with its claws or by using it’s ray gun. Even the sheriff and his gang of redneck helpers find themselves helpless against the alien and its laser gun, and many of the sheriff’s deputies gets killed in a violent shootout against the monster. The sheriff is not willing to give up, giving his best and all to save his little town. But will the sheriff and his deputies and the rednecks in town mange to stop the alien monster before it is too late?

Nightbeast is one of those 80s fantasies come true, neon lasers, a goofy looking alien and a sheriff with a grey afro. Director Don Dohler is fairly known by cult aficionados and collectors for his no budget efforts like The Alien Factor and The Galaxy Invader, but fans of his movies has hailed Nightbeast as his true masterpiece. The film is filled with cheesy neon effects and cheap gore, and keeps a somewhat fair pace throughout the entire film. The Alien itself is a poorly made brown monster witch holds the same facial expressions through the entire movie. All of the characters in the film are one hundred percent one dimensional and you’ll end up just hoping that most of them will be torn to pieces by the goofy alien. The music has a very sci-fi, horror approach and fits the film pretty well, giving some of the scenes a bit more atmosphere. Filmed on 35 mm, the film looks pretty ok, and if it hadn’t been for all the silly neon effects I would have thought the film was shot sometime in the 70s. All in all Nightbeast is not the most memorable film that was spewed forth during the 80s, in fact it could have been one of the least memorable, if it hadn’t been for the incredibly stupid dialogue, weird looking characters, cheap gore and creature effects and even a scene with some gratuitous nudity! Well Nightbeast is probably not going to change your life, but if you are in a serious need of some real 80s entertainment of the weird kind, you can’t go wrong with Nightbeast, cause they don’t make em’ like this anymore.

Monday, October 16, 2006

BOARDING HOUSE to get legit DVD release!

Now here's something I never thought could ever OFFICIAL DVD release of one of the most cheesy, craptastic films EVER in horror...BOARDING HOUSE! Read the Code Red DVD blog on their myspace page for more info!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

MANDATORY death metal!

Check out this killer new death metal band from Germany! Now THIS is how to do death metal right! Great job, guys.

Friday, October 13, 2006

CIANIDE "A Descent Into Hell" (1994)

During the mid 90's, death metal had turned to total crap and most bands were playing wimpy, non-heavy black metal....but one band kept the real spirit alive and it was definitely CIANIDE.
I remember playing this album ("A Descent Into Hell") over and over when I first got it. The songs are slow, catchy, and heavier than all fucking hell. Nothing boring about this album at all. Try to find a copy anywhere you can, as it's totally out of print. Great album to listen to during the Halloween season as well! This is what death metal was...and is still all about!

BEAUTY'S EVIL ROSE (1994) category 3 flick

I'm searching for a copy of this sleazy, horror flick from Hong Kong made in the 90's. If anybody knows where to find the out of print VCD release of this, please let me know. Thanks!

Read this cool review of it from, and you'll see why I want to see this movie!

REVIEW: On one level, Beauty Evil Rose is a pathetic rip-off of Mr. Vampire - On another level, extremely enjoyable cult trash from Orient!, 28 July 2002Author: Bogey Man from Finland
Now I've seen it! Beauty Evil Rose (1994) by Wah Chun Lam has been hailed as one of the most demented trash sleazers from the Orient, and I must agree pretty much. The plot is very confusing, but it involves some evil she-witch who kidnaps young females to her slaves and then uses the slaves for something etc. Then there's this missing sister of one of the characters, and guess where the sister is? Then there's that police who's after these strange disappearances, and then there's this priest who does magic and thus tries to capture the evil witch. So what if it doesn't make any sense? This is trash and very enjoyable of its kind!On one level this is horrific attempt to cash in using the success of Ricky Lau's legendary Hong Kong horror/comedy Mr. Vamipre (1985) which spawned many sequels and got also a deserved cult status. Mr. Vampire is mostly remembered for its hilarious hopping vampires and a priest, who is trying to capture the main vampire who creates evil around the film's characters. These are also present in Beauty Evil Rose, as there's priest and also other things taken straightly from Mr. Vampire, like the method how they kill those monsters/vampires/witches in both films etc. As a serious horror fantasy, Beauty Evil Rose is laughable, so lets forget this "side" of the film and concentrate on its trash merits!This film is so fun to watch. There's incredible amount of steamy nudity and lesbian love making scenes, which really are exploitative and sexy. The film makers really knew what their target audience wanted! This film gets its CAT 3 rating easily because of these sex/nudity scenes. Then there's witchery and magic and hilarious "special effects" which are as believable and laugh-indulging as in Filippine turkey Killing of Satan (1983) by Efren C. Pinon. There are laser beams and spells, magic soups and funny sounds as our heroes and villains do their magic and try to look very serious. There are great scenes involving these magic spells, and some of those are even inventive, but those "even little serious" segments are very very brief and few. Also, I think that the tentacle coming from people's mouths is probably ripped off of David Cronenberg's Shivers (1975). The penis monsters in Beauty Evil Rose are very cheesy but also disgusting as they go to characters' mouths and do their bad deeds there.Perhaps the most delicious icing on this great cake is the finale, an unexpected girls with guns finale which is very pleasant thing to watch, as always. There is very much gun play in the film, but even more in the finale! What can be more greater trash thing to watch than sexy females wielding fire arms and looking tough and cool in their tight clothes? Absolutely nothing, as all the people reading this review know. If trash and turkey cinema is among your interests, try track down this little gem because you won't be disappointed. The film is very rare and I doubt whether or not there will be any official/original releases anymore, but if you find this film one way or another, take a chance and watch it. But if you don't like trash and turkey cinema, forget this film now and ask yourself why are you reading this review in the first place?Beauty Evil Rose gets 8/10 from me and I would give more, if some of the slow parts were little more fast moving or left out since then this film could have been even more enjoyable and funny experience for movie freaks. Highly recommended for fans of sleazy, demented, exploitative, no brains Asian turkey miracles!Two males discussing: "I need her underwear, get me one now!" -Where can I find one, can't you use mine?---One of the many lines in Beauty Evil Rose, which really tell something about the film's credibility and merits!--

Thursday, October 12, 2006

BLOOD FARMERS! oldschool doom from the 90's!

I finally scored a copy of this killer horror/doom album from this great, cult underground band from New York. The "Permanent Brain Damage" album is actually their first demo from 1991 and is totally worth checking out. They also did a full-length album in 1995 that I still haven't been able to get, but I have my eyes out for a copy. Check ebay, underground distros, anywhere you can to find music from this great old band. There's also a myspace page worth checking out here.

IMPETIGO "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" CD!

I will finally have these in my hands in the next week or so! Look for this available on Halloween and we're also planning a fun contest to celebrate the release! I wanna thank Mark and Stevo once again for allowing us to release this. It's been a morbid pleasure, and there's still more to come!

First review for DON'T GO IN THE WOODS DVD!

I can't believe this is finally coming out this month! Read the first review of it here. Yep...this company finally EXISTS!


Having some time away has done me a lot of good and I'm now ready to continue what I began here last year. It was fun doing the BLOOD FREAK blog, but since it's now becoming a web site there's no longer any need for it.

RAZORBACK RECORDS is here to stay and there's LOTS of really cool top secret stuff in the works, all of which will eventually be revealed right HERE!

So, without any kind of long boring intro it is yet again, the HOG-WILD HOWLS blog full of news, reviews, inside HIVE updates, and more! The tusks have been sharpened and the axe is ready to swing once again!