Wednesday, May 16, 2007


GRUESOME STUFF RELISH will release their long-awaited 2nd album on Razorback Records later this year! It's been 5 years since the release of their debut album in 2002 and we've tried doing a 2nd album with them for a long time so we're really excited about this! The band will record this summer and we'll release the album in the Fall/Winter.

The new album will be titled "Horror Rises from the Tomb" and the cover art will be drawn by Jeff Zornow (Cryptic Magazine, Day of the Dead comics, etc.)! Fans of Italian and Spanish horror cinema and early 90's influenced death/grind/gore excellence, be prepared!

The band recently recorded a 10 song promo demo to test out what the new songs will sound like. 2 of those tracks can be found on their official myspace page, and we have just uploaded another exclusive track on the official Razorback myspace page. Check it out!


GRUESOME STUFF RELISH is an underground death/grind band from Spain who are the ultimate fusion of early 90's old-school Swedish death metal(Carnage, Dismember) and the splatter/gore sound and feel of Impetigo and Necrony. The band's concept revolves around their extreme love for the classic Italian horror films from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Giallo killers, cannibals, zombies, and other lurid tales of terror!
The band was formed from members of early 90's death metal band Repugnance and recorded their first demo in 2001 (which later became a split CD with Holland's Brutality Reigns Supreme). On the strength of this release, the band then released their debut album on Razorback Records in 2002 titled "Teenage Giallo Grind".

In 2003 and 2004, the band released some various split CD's and also the "Last Men In Gore" CD(Motosierra Records) that collected the tracks from the demo/BRS split CD, the never released "Last Men Alive" EP, and 5 unreleased tracks recorded in early 2003.

After this the band broke up but has now returned from the dead to record their long-awaited 2nd full-length album! Get ready for more tales of the undead, gut-munching, intestine-tearing, apocalyptic post-nuke horrors, rancid maggots, knife-slicing lunatics, and worship and love for everything that was great about the early 90's death/grind metal underground!