Thursday, May 17, 2007


I watched this last night and it had to be the most plotless film ever. It's really about...NOTHING! Just a time capsule of high school kids in the late 70's doing what they did back then, such as: having sex, smoking pot, having sex, stealing fire trucks and spraying the opposing High School football/cheerleader team with a giant hose, getting into fights, having more sex, chugging beers, driving around (and screwing) in the back of huge vans, listening to FM 70's rock music, cruising, banging cheerleaders, etc.

So basically...lots of cheesy, mindless fun! If you dig 70's drive-in flicks, this is a must see.

I really have a feeling that movie Dazed And Confused ripped this off!

This is on a double DVD release from BCI that also includes THE VAN (which I haven't watched yet but will soon).