Monday, December 17, 2007

Razorback end of the year newsletter!

It's been a long time since I wrote a newsletter, but with so much coming up I felt this was the right time! 2007 is coming to a close and it's time to prepare for 2008, which is going to be the most BUSY year EVER for this label! It is also going to be Razorback's 10 year anniversary as well, so there's LOTS to discuss!

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH is finishing up on their 2nd album, "Horror Rises From The Tomb". This is going to be our first release for 2008, and from the few tracks I've heard it's definitely their best material ever! I've been wanting to do a second album with this band for a long time and I'm glad they returned to deliver the gory goods! The artwork alone by Jeff Zornow is amazing. The album is about to get mastered in Germany and once we have everything we'll be sending it to press!

CRYPTICUS has completed 7 songs for their 2nd album for Razorback, titled "They Called Me Mad". There's only 6 more songs left to complete and then it will be finished and ready for pressing! This album is going to be a totally dark, masterpiece of true horror Death Metal that will finally put this band on the map once and for all. Working with this band has been so much fun as Patrick is totally into what Razorback is all about and really lives for the horror genre and REAL death fucking metal music! The cover artwork by Allen K. is awesome and the booklet will have even more art from him!

CIANIDE's 3rd album from 1998, "Death, Doom and Destruction" is being re-issued by Razorback and we're thrilled to be doing this! I've been a fan of this band since 1991. They're one of the few bands that never gave up on playing killer, pure death metal and get heavier and more intense on every album they do. Seeing them live at the Impetigo reunion show this past summer was UNREAL....truly the HEAVIEST death metal band ever! The album is being re-mastered by Patrick Bruss from Crypticus. If you heard the work he did on the Impetigo re-issues than you know this is gonna sound HEAVIER than ever before! Also, the insane Putrid is currently working on the cover artwork for this which is going to blow everybody away!

BLOOD FREAK is working extremely hard on their 4th album for Razorback, titled "Scared Stiff". This is going to be the most extreme BLOOD FREAK album ever. More death metal, more grind, and more doom than ever before. The album is going to be recorded at an analog studio in the first few months of 2008. Ed Repka is currently working on the cover painting which is going to be incredible! The band is also currently preparing for their first live show in January, and they're also planning a West Coast tour after the release of the new album! They will play in California, Arizona, Colorado, and possibly some other states as well. We'll post more news about this when we have it. Look out everybody, BLOOD FREAK is coming to KILL! Also, Morbid Reality Records is going to be releasing the BLOOD FREAK albums on vinyl LP! The first album "Sleaze Merchants" will be first! More info on that soon as well.

VACANT COFFIN from Finland is new to Razorback, but lead guitar/vocalist Lasse is no stranger to the underground! One of the founding members of the early 90's cult death metal band Phlegethon, Lasse has been working extremely hard on the debut VACANT COFFIN album to be titled "Sewer Skullpture" which is going to be one hell of a killer debut album! This band is bringing back the great oldschool Death Metal/Grind sound that bands from Finland used to be famous(or infamous!) for! Down-tuned, heavy, fast, with those killer shredding riffs that send shivers down your spine! The artwork is being done by the wicked Wes from Australia and is going to be a horror/gore fan's delight!

EVISCERATED from Sweden is also new to Razorback Records. The band plays pure oldschool Swedish Death Metal with a total horror influence! These fiends are obsessed with the classic European horror films from the glory days and have incorporated that into their diabolic sound. We're absolutely thrilled to be working with them. They're currently preparing their debut 7" EP release so really soon you'll be able to hear new material from them and what this band is capable of. The album will be recorded sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2008 for a Fall release.

HOODED MENACE, the Doom/Death Metal band that features Lasse from Phlegethon/Vacant Coffin, is another new band on Razorback Records. The band is writing 8 songs for their debut album on Razorback to be titled "Fulfill the Curse" which will be released sometime in 2008. The Blind Dead Templars will rise once again and sacrifice young virgins to Satan when this album is unleashed! This will be one of the most incredible debut doom albums ever. This is a band that was meant to be on Razorback Records! Beware!

FONDLECORPSE is still writing material for their long awaited debut album, "Creaturegore". The band was recently featured on the short horror film, FLUSH! They also have a new t-shirt available from Warlord Clothing ( The Couch-Potato Gore Army will rise to crush in 2008! More news and updates from the band soon.

FRIGHTMARE is currently on hold as Maniac Neil is completely busy with Blood Freak. There will be a 3rd album, but not until at least 2009. The band has 2 new t-shirts available from Warlod Clothing as well! Check them out! not dead. More news when I have it!

As for our 10th year anniversary plans....we will keep that a surprise! You never know what the old Goreboar will do next, so just keep looking for updates and other surprises in the weeks and months to come! We have something very special planned, but we're not yet ready to announce it. We'll also be repressing lots more out of print titles as well in 2008. We'll announce those more up ahead.

On a final note, I just want to really thank all the cool freaks who have supported this label for so long and never gave up on us. When we first started this label we never knew exactly who out there was going to be interested in our vision of what we wanted extreme metal to be, but we're glad to know we weren't alone! This label has always been dedicated to our love for the horror genre and the classic metal we grew up with. It's never been about trends or trying to fit in with the latest fad of the month. Look for a stronger and more focused Razorback Records in 2008...and beyond!