Thursday, May 17, 2007

FRIGHTMARE "Midnight Murder Mania" repress!

FRIGHTMARE's debut CD, "Midnight Murder Mania", will be back in stock in June! This cult underground classic from 2003 has been out of print for the past few years and has been one of our most requested titles ever. The CD will be available from Razorback Records in the next 2 weeks!

A deserted summer camp. A bloodcurdling scream. A decapitated head. So ends another life. So begins...FRIGHTMARE! Their debut "Midnight Murder Mania" CD is 10 songs of gore-soaked "stalk & slash grind" from the forest infested wastelands of Oregon! Get ready for the most cranium crushing sledge hammer whacks and rapid nailgun blasts, while insanely catchy riffs cut deep like a rusty machete through your neck. A veritable orgy of blood-slashing horror! What this album does to your ears is almost as terrifying as what it does to your brain!