Sunday, October 29, 2006


Review by Patrick from Repulsive Cinema!

Once again a group of people return to the infamous and cursed Blood Island, this time it is Dr. Bill Foster, Carlos Lopez and a woman named Sheila Willard. Carlos have come to the Island to find his mother and bring her back to the mainland and Sheila has come to the Island to find her father whom she haven’t seen since she was twelve. The good doctor Foster has come to research the local flora and fauna on the island. The trio hasn’t stayed long on the island before strange things begin to occur, as Sheila is wakened by strange sounds in the night and later attacked by a horrible green faced monster in the jungle. A young hunter is ripped to pieces by the monster and this is only the beginning of the nightmare that waits in the jungle of Blood Island. More of the people who venture into the jungle turn up dead, torn to pieces and the native villagers starts to talk about the “Evil One”. As a man of science, Doctor Foster refuses to believe in the old fashioned superstition and he decides to investigate the manner himself with the help of the local doctor Lorca and Carlos. But the more they search for an answer to the horrible secret, the more clearly it gets… Someone or something is out there in the jungle at night and tears the villagers into pieces. Soon Dr. Foster stumbles upon a horrible secret of human experiments and green blood, and he wants to find out what or who the terrifying ghoul is…

This second instalment in the blood island series is gorier, and is a bit faster paced than the first trip we had to the cursed island. The effects have been updated, and there is more nudity.
Once again there is something loose on Blood Island and John Ashley returns (As a different character though) to fight the “Evil One” yet again. And Ronald Remy of the Blood Drinkers plays the part of the vicious Dr. Lorca. The movie follows the same pattern as Brides of Blood, but as I’ve said, this one is gorier and faster paced. In other words it is a bit more action filled than the first one. My only complaint here is that the story that the movie focuses a lot on, is not that intriguing this time. There are moments when I feel that conspiracy theories and family relations stands in the way of the gory action I sought when I popped this disc in my player. But the sight of entrails, severed heads and other dismemberment, plus the occasional boobs gave me the fulfilment I was after. Perhaps not as exiting and thrill filled as I found Brides of Blood to be, but once again Eddie Romero and Gerard De Leon delivers the drive-in goods!