Friday, October 13, 2006

BEAUTY'S EVIL ROSE (1994) category 3 flick

I'm searching for a copy of this sleazy, horror flick from Hong Kong made in the 90's. If anybody knows where to find the out of print VCD release of this, please let me know. Thanks!

Read this cool review of it from, and you'll see why I want to see this movie!

REVIEW: On one level, Beauty Evil Rose is a pathetic rip-off of Mr. Vampire - On another level, extremely enjoyable cult trash from Orient!, 28 July 2002Author: Bogey Man from Finland
Now I've seen it! Beauty Evil Rose (1994) by Wah Chun Lam has been hailed as one of the most demented trash sleazers from the Orient, and I must agree pretty much. The plot is very confusing, but it involves some evil she-witch who kidnaps young females to her slaves and then uses the slaves for something etc. Then there's this missing sister of one of the characters, and guess where the sister is? Then there's that police who's after these strange disappearances, and then there's this priest who does magic and thus tries to capture the evil witch. So what if it doesn't make any sense? This is trash and very enjoyable of its kind!On one level this is horrific attempt to cash in using the success of Ricky Lau's legendary Hong Kong horror/comedy Mr. Vamipre (1985) which spawned many sequels and got also a deserved cult status. Mr. Vampire is mostly remembered for its hilarious hopping vampires and a priest, who is trying to capture the main vampire who creates evil around the film's characters. These are also present in Beauty Evil Rose, as there's priest and also other things taken straightly from Mr. Vampire, like the method how they kill those monsters/vampires/witches in both films etc. As a serious horror fantasy, Beauty Evil Rose is laughable, so lets forget this "side" of the film and concentrate on its trash merits!This film is so fun to watch. There's incredible amount of steamy nudity and lesbian love making scenes, which really are exploitative and sexy. The film makers really knew what their target audience wanted! This film gets its CAT 3 rating easily because of these sex/nudity scenes. Then there's witchery and magic and hilarious "special effects" which are as believable and laugh-indulging as in Filippine turkey Killing of Satan (1983) by Efren C. Pinon. There are laser beams and spells, magic soups and funny sounds as our heroes and villains do their magic and try to look very serious. There are great scenes involving these magic spells, and some of those are even inventive, but those "even little serious" segments are very very brief and few. Also, I think that the tentacle coming from people's mouths is probably ripped off of David Cronenberg's Shivers (1975). The penis monsters in Beauty Evil Rose are very cheesy but also disgusting as they go to characters' mouths and do their bad deeds there.Perhaps the most delicious icing on this great cake is the finale, an unexpected girls with guns finale which is very pleasant thing to watch, as always. There is very much gun play in the film, but even more in the finale! What can be more greater trash thing to watch than sexy females wielding fire arms and looking tough and cool in their tight clothes? Absolutely nothing, as all the people reading this review know. If trash and turkey cinema is among your interests, try track down this little gem because you won't be disappointed. The film is very rare and I doubt whether or not there will be any official/original releases anymore, but if you find this film one way or another, take a chance and watch it. But if you don't like trash and turkey cinema, forget this film now and ask yourself why are you reading this review in the first place?Beauty Evil Rose gets 8/10 from me and I would give more, if some of the slow parts were little more fast moving or left out since then this film could have been even more enjoyable and funny experience for movie freaks. Highly recommended for fans of sleazy, demented, exploitative, no brains Asian turkey miracles!Two males discussing: "I need her underwear, get me one now!" -Where can I find one, can't you use mine?---One of the many lines in Beauty Evil Rose, which really tell something about the film's credibility and merits!--