Monday, October 30, 2006

IMPETIGO / BLOOD split 7" (looking back)

I figured with the re-release of the "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" CD, it would be a nice time to talk about one of the very best split 7" ep releases of all-time in underground death metal history...the IMPETIGO / BLOOD split 7"!!

Originally released in 1991 by Iron Records, this incredible piece of vinyl is probably the most perfect death/grind/gore split release you could ever hope for! IMPETIGO's side has probably their most famous track ever, "Boneyard", the first time this song was ever heard by anybody. Those who are only used to the "Horror of the Zombies" version defintely must hear this version as it's just as intense, heavy, and wonderfully sick as the later version! Also, this song includes one of the best exclusive tracks ever, "Cannibal Apocalypse". This is one of IMPETIGO's most catchy and underated songs ever!

Don't think I've forgotten about BLOOD, no way.....their side is equally as great. The song "Down to the Swamp" is probably their best song ever, and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" kicks ass as well. They have a really dirty, down-tuned, thick sound with that early 90's feel that just can't be duplicated today.

This EP is long out of print and impossible to find today. The IMPETIGO tracks were re-released on the "Giallo/Antefatto" CD released by Half Life a few years ago and is still in print. The BLOOD tracks, however, have not been re-released as far as I know.

Sadly, today's split releases are a dime a dozen and nobody really seems to put much effort or sense of quality into them anymore. They're usually filled with bad quality leftover tracks and live crap or boring cover songs and then dumped on to the fans. Hopefully more bands will look to the past for inspiration to bring back quality split releases such as the legendary and classic IMPETIGO / BLOOD split 7" ep!