Monday, April 16, 2007

FONDLECORPSE "Blood And Popcorn" news!

"After being tormented by unlimited delays Fondlecorpse decided it was time to show their uglyfaces for real and start their monster invasion and crush their enemies, it has been decided that all the songs they have recently recorded shall be unleashed upon a mini cd called "Blood and Popcorn!" it will contain 5 new tracks of creature killer madness, mutants, deranged killers, basketcases, haywire robots. They will all be present at this party, this also will feature the first appearance of the bands new drummer so people can enjoy the total annihilation of the fully functioning deathstar......... i mean band, fully functional band! The release will feature the amazing art from: Adam geyer, Jeff zornow, Putrid and MalPractise U.J., making this one hell of a monster release of sleaze. Beware! the monstersquad has arrived and we aren't taking any prisoners. This is the scouting party, before we unleash the total invasion withcreaturegore.Hide your women, booze and popcorn and protect your remote control with your life, we are coming to get it all! NO MERCY! humanity shall end when the creatures take over the world! pray.......... you get out......... alive! The Split with Frightmare has been postponed to a later date but should come out at the end of the year. So quit your whining." -The Couchpotato Gore Army

Don't forget to hear a new song on the band's myspace page, called "What's In the Basket?"

Official FONDLECORPSE web site