Thursday, February 01, 2007

cool Italian horror DVD news!

Here's what I like waking up in the morning to hear!

from DVD Drive-In

On April 24, Dark Sky Films will release three long-awaited Italian cult movies to DVD. Included in this batch of violent crime thrillers and gothic giallos are RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE (released in the U.S. as CAULDRON OF DEATH) starring Chris Mitchum, Barbara Bouchet and Arthur Kennedy; NAKED YOU DIE (released in the U.S. as THE YOUNG, THE EVIL AND THE SAVAGE) starring Michael Rennie and Mark Damon, scripted by Mario Bava and directed by Antonio Margheriti; and TRAGIC CEREMONY, starring Camille Keaton (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE) and Luciana Paluzzi, and directed by Riccardo Freda. All three titles will be presented uncut with anamorphic widescreen transfers and contain extras. Retail price for each is $14.98.