Saturday, December 08, 2007


VACANT COFFIN is currently working hard on their debut album for Razorback Records for an early 2008 release! The album is going to be titled "SEWER SKULLPTURE" and will feature insane artwork by the extremely talented Wes from Australia. (

The band will begin recording the drum tracks for the album in the next week or so! The track list at the moment is:- Sewer by the Cemetery - Fin d`aise Dungeon - Leprosarium Tombs - Worms the Executioner - Tales of Suppuration - Sewagehead - Lunch in Bodybags - Dawn of the Schizo - Posercrushing Crusade - Get in the Coffin - A Shuriken to the Face - Gut Worship - Razor Justice

Keep checking for updates on which is going to be one hell of a killer and REAL Death/Grind album done the oldschool Finnish way!

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