Monday, December 03, 2007

HOODED MENACE has risen from the grave!

HOODED MENACE has joined up with Razorback Records! The band will release their debut album, to be titled "Fulfill The Curse", sometime in 2008!

HOODED MENACE are a crushing, heavy DOOM/DEATH METAL band from Finland that features members from early 90's death metal cult legends Phlegethon and also death/grinders Vacant Coffin!

The band's 2-song promo demo, "The Eyeless Horde" can be heard on their myspace page and will be released on 7" EP format soon. The band is currently writing the material for the debut CD on Razorback Records.

Keep checking for updates! The Blind Dead will NEVER die!

HOODED MENACE myspace page

Razorback Records