Friday, August 24, 2007

BLOOD FREAK track list for next album!

Here are the 11 new songs that will be on the next BLOOD FREAK album, titled "Scared Stiff", to be released on Razorback Records in early 2008! The songs are a bit longer than the past albums, faster and more grind oriented and death/doom-filled than ever before!

"Wake Up And Smell The Coffin"
"Slut Coven"
"Cut, Chopped, Broken, and Burned"
"The Worst Is Yet To Come"
"Now We're Gonna Have Some Fun..."
"An Act Of Vengeance"
"What Are They Doing With Candy?"
"We Are The Future!"
"Joe's Friendly Service"
"Scared Stiff"
"Boobie Trap (Doctor Bitch Vs. Lady Lunatic)"