Sunday, December 10, 2006


Review by Patrick from Repulsive Cinema!

After the harrowing experiences on Blood Island, Dr. Bill Foster is about to return to USA by boat. He is certain that the problems on the island are solved now, but he wishes he could have seen more of the island. Suddenly a green blooded fiend from the island comes forth from its hiding place and starts attacking the crew of the boat, wreaking havoc on board. Dr. Foster jumps into the fight, as he and the rest of the crew tries to kill of the ghoul, but the beast is to strong, and in the midst of the fighting a barrel of leaking gasoline hits an open flame and the boat is blown to bits. The creature makes it back onto the shores of Blood Island, and Dr. Foster is rescued at sea and taken back to the mainland. The first thing he does when he is back is organizing a new expedition to the infamous island, and this time a beautiful and nosey reporter, Myra Russell, has taken the liberty of joining him on his journey, in order to find a story for her paper. When they arrive at the island, Dr. Foster and Miss. Russell are greeted in the usual, cold manner of the terrified village, and they quickly learn that the green blooded monsters are back to mutilate the villagers. The problems starts almost immediately as Miss Russell are attacked in their cabin at night by one of the green blooded ghouls that lurk around on the island. The next day, Dr. Foster is taken to the ruins of the mad doctor's laboratory and hideout, to try to find out who is behind the problems on the island this time. After searching through the ruins at night he finds a secret passage that leads a way through underground caves in the Jungle, but as soon as he is about to share his discovery with the rest of his team and the villagers, Miss Russell is kidnapped by the green blooded men. Dr. Foster and his gang of helpers from the village sets out to find her and travels through the secret passage, where they see Miss Russell as a prisoner of no other than Razak, the Mad Doctor's trusted henchman. When Dr. Foster and a young woman fro the tribe sets out to rescue Myra, they discover that the good old Mad Doctor Lorca is alive and well and cooking up his most diabolical, chlorophyll infested plan ever! Can Dr. Foster and his team stop the Dr. Lorca and save Myra before it is too late?

Beast of Blood is the third and finale entry in the Blood Island series and this time Romero delivers a climax worthy of the final film in this infamous film series. It features the old faces of John Ashley, again in his role as Dr. Foster and good old Bruno Punzalan as the brutish henchman Razak. The plot in this film is basically the same as in the previous film, but this time there is more action, a bit more gore and even cooler cheesy special effects. The acting is more of the same as in the previous two films and holds up quite nicely for an old exploitation film like this, John Ashley is as always good in his part as the inquisitive doctor. The soundtrack is (again) like in the other films very distinctive and works very well with the action in the film. This final feature in the Blood Island series provides just what you want from the climax to our escapades in the jungles of the island, gore, sleaze and loads of explosive action. Action hungry exploitation freaks will certainly get a kick out of watching this film, and of course this is a mandatory flick for those who loved the first two films in the series!