Friday, December 08, 2006

Trash film heaven!

Some flicks I've watched lately...

JUNIOR (1984)

This is one sleazy, retarded, fun MESS of a film! Made in Canada, it's a bad mixture of I Spit On Your Grave, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and....uh, who am I's NOTHING like those movies, it's just mindless violence and CHEESE! All you need to know is...there's tons of nudity and bare boobs, lots of cursing and obscene language, lots of violence and death, and really BAD acting! What else do you need to know? It's not on DVD but try to find a copy anyway you can! It's totally worth seeing for trash film fans.

RAW FORCE (1982)

Oh wow, I've wanted to see this film for years and I'm so glad I finally got to. Imagine an American film company trying to do a Hong Kong style action/exploitation flick and failing miserably! Yep! Lots of bad kung-fu fighting scenes, shitty acting, cheesy "cannibal" monks, weak sword fights, and best of all tons of boobs and nudity! It even has a drunken, fat, old Cameron Mitchell as a grumpy sea captain as well as a nude(once again!) Camille Keaton from I Spit On Your Grave in a totally pointless but appreciated scene!
It's faced paced and never gets boring, but boy is it STUPID! You might hate yourself after watching it but you'll enjoy the ride. Again, this isn't on DVD but worth tracking down. The poster art is awesome and cracks me up!

THE BRAIN (1988)

I haven't watched this movie since I was a kid in 1989. I first saw it on cable TV back when Cinemax used to show cool, cheesy horror stuff like Twice Dead, Hell High, and Night of the Demons! The Brain fucking rules and has one of the coolest looking creatures ever. A giant killer, human-eating brain with huge teeth...what's not to love here? I won't get into the story...just the facts: it's gory as fuck, has some topless scenes(always a must), is fast paced, and is a great example of oldschool FX scenes always being better than shitty fucking CGI crap that ruins 99% of today's "horror" movies. This movie NEEDS a special edition DVD release badly from Anchor Bay or Shriek Show. A must see and a personal favorite!


A cheesy attempt at trying to do a RE-ANIMATOR style horror/gore film but totally failing, of course! Still, this has some decent gore scenes and other fun shit. It's about an aging woman wanting her youth back and using this retarded, balding doctor to provide it for her by using brain matter from rats....or something like that? Eventually it stops working and the woman turns into this ugly (and I do mean UGLY) looking freak and turns to killing humans and sucking their brain matter to help get young again. It actually sounds better than it really is, but...I still enjoyed it and it has that really cool, dated late 80's "charm" that I always like. The lead actress is lame and so is the guy playing the doctor, one of the most annoying and irritating charcaters ever. This is only for die-hard gore fans who crave cheese!

Also, I recently just ordered 2 violent Asian category 3 flicks chock full of sex and violence! I'll report back when I get them. Category 3 films are the best and most violent ever. Check out this cool new myspace group that Jose(Psycho Sleaze comics) started.



Anthony Wong rules!