Tuesday, November 14, 2006

DOOM ASYLUM (1987) DVD coming soon

The cheesy, late 80's slasher flick, DOOM ASYLUM, is coming out in early 2007 from Code Red DVD!

Here's the cover art (above) and info about the upcoming release. I have to say the cover art they've done looks really terrible but then again, the original cover art (posted below) wasn't that great either (but still better than this new one, yuck!!).

Doom Asylum (1987)

“With gory make-up effects, film closely follows the killing-every-7-minutes pattern of slasher pics... considerable black humor... the young cast is energetic.” - VARIETY

SEX AND THE CITY star Kristin Davis makes her historic movie debut in this sexy slasher film! Five teenagers investigate an abandoned mental hospital and encounter an all girl punk band. The party is spoiled when the teens realize they are not alone! “The Surgeon,” a disfigured killer, who was thought to be dead 10 years ago, still inhabits the hospital and puts his autopsy tools to good use to stalk and kill the kids one by one. Code Red is proud to present this film completely uncut for the first time on DVD! Also stars Penthouse Pet PATTY MULLEN (FRANKENHOOKER) and cult scream queen RUTH COLLINS (BLOOD SISTERS, FIREHOUSE).

Running time: 79 minutes.

For the first time in America, GORY UNCUT version

OAR full frame transfer approved by the director

Audio commentary with director Richard Friedman

On camera interview with Richard Friedman and
production superviosr Bill Tasgal