Sunday, August 05, 2007

CRYPTICUS 2nd album update!

Razorback Records is very excited to announce the 2nd album from Colorado's "supernatural horror death metal band", CRYPTICUS! The new album is titled "THEY CALLED ME MAD" and will be released on Razorback in early 2008! The album has been over 2 years in the making and the band now has a real drummer! There are 13 songs written and vocalist/guitar/mastermind Patrick Bruss will be uploading a new song on his official myspace page next month!

In the meantime, Patrick has sent us a special mp3 preview track that has parts from several songs mixed together but with no vocals yet. It's titled "They Called Me Mad(preview)" and can ONLY be found on the Razorback Records web site! (NOT myspace!). Right click and save as...

The album's cover art will once again be provided by the incredible horror artist, Allen K., and will totally blow you away! We hope to show you a sneak peek soon!

Here's a tentative track list, some of these might get moved around or retitled:
01 - Strange Facts in the Case of P.E.Bruss
02 - Sceptic Species
03 - Unnatural Science
04 - Elaborate Funerals
05 - Rotting Masters
06 - The Shunned House
07 - Moat of Blood
08 - Astrophobos
09 - The Stench from Room 13
10 - Lurkers in the Lab
11 - Slithering Gods
12 - Plasmic Eaters
13 - They Called Me Mad

This will be one of Razorback's finest pure DEATH METAL albums ever and we really look forward to releasing it to all the horror-hungry fans who crave non-trendy, creative, catchy, and crushing death metal with talent and heaviness!

CRYPTICUS myspace page