Monday, July 30, 2007

BLOOD FREAK 4th album status report!

I talked to Neil on the phone last night, and things for the next BLOOD FREAK album are going fucking great. He's been keeping a low profile lately and is just totally focusing on writing music non-stop for the upcoming 4th album. Almost half of the new album is already written! Things with Shad on drums are going excellent and Neil is really enjoying playing without having to play every instrument by himself. He said the new stuff is some of the fastest shit he's ever written with Shad totally killing on the drums. There's tons of doom parts mixed in with the grind stuff and he said the new songs are "darker" sounding with the sleaze factor up high as well. This will be a great mix of all the stuff BLOOD FREAK has done on the first 3 albums, but with a totally fresh new feeling with the addition of Shad on drums!

The album is called "Scared Stiff" and Ed Repka will be painting the new cover in his classic style and the theme of the album is pure 70's and early 80's violent/exploitation/rape-revenge vibes ala Last House On The Left, I Spit On Your Grave, The Candy Snatchers, House By The Edge of the Park, Mother's Day, Class of 1984, and more along with some crazy original stories done in the BLOOD FREAK way!

Once the new album is recorded and out the band looks to start doing some shows

I'll keep posting updates. The BLOOD FREAK machine storms on!

*Special thanks to Stevo from IMPETIGO for all the great support of BLOOD FREAK, you rule man!!