Thursday, July 19, 2007


Pure Horror Death Metal From The Bowels Of HELL!

Razorback Records is proud to announce that we'll be releasing a full-length CD from the Swedish Death Metal horde known as EVISCERATED in 2008! This is death metal the way death metal SHOULD be with the added bonus of their extreme and enthusiastic worship for the cult European horror cinema of such legends as Paul Naschy, Sergio Martino, Armando de Ossorio, Leon Klimovsky, and more! Get ready for graveyards to be desecrated, rabid werewolves ravishing bloody naked breasts, pentagram daggers jammed in your heart, and pissed off black robed zombies sacrificing your eternal soul!!!

Check out the band's official web site here.

You can hear tracks from their 2007 demo at their myspace page here.