Tuesday, July 10, 2007

official FORCED ENTRY DVD release?!

I never thought in a million years this movie would get a special edition DVD release, and the fact that Amazon.com is going to be selling this is just FUCKED UP, haha!! It's truly the end of the world!

  • After Hours Cinema is extremely proud to be able to present this special DVD edition of a true classic. Since the time of its theatrical release, Forced Entry has become something of a grindhouse legend. Part slasher film and part adult cinema, it certainly must have shocked contemporary audiences and still continues to pack a powerful punch today. Recently released from duty, a deranged Vietnam vet - Harry Reems of Deep Throat) - brings the carnage home with him and declares war on New York City s female population. The no-name loner finds work at a one-pump gas station, where he is able to obtain information on customers that pay by credit card. Armed with his intended victims addresses, along with his trusty gun and knife and the sounds of a distant jungle battle screaming in his brain, the homicidal maniac forces his way into the homes of innocent young women...to act out his most violent psychosexual impulses.