Wednesday, June 27, 2007

THE BURNING soundtrack news!

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June 26: Hear the sounds of BURNING
MVD Entertainment sent along word that it will reissue the long-out-of-print soundtrack for 1981’s slasher fave THE BURNING August 28, as part of a series of CDs showcasing the work of composer/performer Rick Wakeman from YES. The disc arrives in time to tie in with the uncut DVDebut (see details here) of the film, which features shocking gore FX by Tom Savini and early appearances by Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens and others, and was one of the very first movies produced by Miramax’s Harvey and Bob Weinstein. The CD contains 36 minutes of remastered music, consisting of 11 tracks:
• Theme from THE BURNING• The Chase Continues (PO’s Plane)• Variations on the Fire• Shear Terror and More• The Burning (end title theme)• Campfire Story• The Fire• Doin’ It• Devil’s Creek Breakdown• The Chase• Shear Terror
Retail price is $18.95. —Michael Gingold