Monday, June 11, 2007

FONDLECORPSE invasion news!

Now you can view the ultimate intergalactic press conference regarding the upcoming "Blood and Popcorn" Mini-CD! scientists are still trying to decypher the message to find out what the intent is of the impending invasion force that seems to be headed towards earth, similar transmissions have been picked up by a Dr Gore who was hired by the military to help decypher these messages. Dr. Gore has been heard laughing in the middle of the night after which he dissapeared from the military installation and hasnt been heard of since...... what is behind these omnious events!

Watch Transmission Now

Other news:

The masters have been sent to the label, the MCD should be in production soon

We currently joined forces with mr Slasher Dave a guy who does awesome 80's styled movie soundtrack music, he will join us as we collaborate on a track for the creaturegore cd. This should be godly shit indeed! Check him out and add his ass if your a fan of oldschool horror soundtracks!

Slasher Dave

Our contact on earth mr Jeff Zornow the liason of Dr.Gore and general causer of mayhem and grisly art

Jeff Zornow

Also the burned alive compilation has been unleashed and should be available soon from us, razorbackrecords and

porcupine productions websites:

Porcupine Productions

Razorback Records


Also almost ready is the Nunslaughter tribute cd on dark forrest productions where we covered the track sacrificial zombie which rules since it doesnt get more oldschool then Nunslaughter does it?.

Dark Forrest Productions